Are you Tired of. . .

  • Your bookkeeper?
  • Not having confidence that the numbers are right?
  • Software that makes you do all the work?
  • Not understanding your financial picture?

Webster Pacific Bookkeeping is here to help

We created a bookkeeping service because we’ve run 10+ other ecommerce businesses and know how frustrating having a bad bookkeeper is. We offer a “know your bookkeeper” approach where you are directly connected with a single bookkeeping expert who knows ecommerce businesses like the back of their hand.

Features Startup Advanced
Pricing Upon Request Upon Request
Annual Revenues < 1 Million 1 Million to 10 Million
Software – QBO, Xero or Finaloop
Payroll Software Connect
Cash and Accrual Accounting
Shopify, Amazon, etc.
Monthly Review
Issue 1099s
Monthly close < 15 days < 10 days
Accounts Payable and Billpay X
Payroll Compliance X X
Sales Tax Compliance Contact Us Contact Us
Tax Planning Contact Us Contact Us
Tax Filing Contact Us Contact Us
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