Growing Wholesale Accounts

Client Question: How do we expand our wholesale business?

Approach: WP targets the wholesalers who are carrying our client’s competitors, but not our client. To do so, WP gathers data on which wholesalers 5 to 10 of your competitors are carried. This generates a list of anywhere from 100 to over 1,000 wholesalers depending on the size of the competitors chosen. Next, we remove the duplicates to find which wholesalers carry which competitive brands. Finally, we score each wholesaler based on the number of competitor brands carried and how much E-comm you have around each wholesaler. We also provide the link to the wholesaler’s website and their phone number, as well as a map. This analysis is available for the clothing retail, furniture retail, specialty food, and specialty beverage industries.

Visit this link for an interactive map of this product for the specialty beverage industry.

Digital Advertising Tracking

Client Question: What is the right amount of money to spend on ads to maximize growth or profits?  What sort of return do we get on our ad spend, and how is that changing over time?

Approach: WP connects all of the client’s marketing and revenue data sources to a simple Google report that leadership can use to track the efficacy of their digital marketing spend.  This can help decide how much they can spend to maintain their profitability goals, where to allocate their advertising spend by channel, and understand performance over time.

Targeted Advertising

Client Question: Where should we advertise to increase sales from existing customers, or to increase awareness for new customers?

Approach: WP goes beyond advertising data from Facebook and Google to find zip codes where our clients should be targeting advertising. We combine data on income, demographics, and psychographics with the locations of existing stores and existing customers, the point of which is to show which zips are underpenetrated with consumers so that clients can direct more advertising to those zips.