We do “system building” work when our client knows the critical strategic questions and has the relevant data, but not systems to organize and report on that data. In these cases, Webster Pacific will build data systems, as well as clear reporting environments, to answer these critical questions.


Fire Drill Compliance Log

Question: How do we monitor which of a client’s schools are on schedule to meet fire drill safety requirements?

Approach: Webster Pacific developed a data-tracking system using Excel to help a charter school understand their schools’ compliance with state-mandated fire and emergency drills. Webster Pacific aggregated state drill requirement data, due dates, and individual school compliance.

Result: The client gained a comprehensive and succinct reporting system that gave them confidence that their critical compliance activities were being addressed. The system produces simple, extendable, automated reports, distributed to each states’ director.

Software HR System

Question: How can a client move from a disjointed series of spreadsheets to a comprehensive human resources system to better serve its employees?

Approach: A large, publicly-traded software company wanted to transition from an Excel-based human resources system to an enterprise-level HR management tool. We extensively interviewed the users at all levels of the organization to discern how the data was tracked, entered, and consumed. Simultaneously, we deeply investigated the data, finding relationships and dependencies. After understanding and documenting the technical, usability, and visualization requirements, we developed the system architecture and created a high-fidelity prototype HR system. This fully-functioning system, was developed and improved upon using short development cycles.

Result: The high-fidelity prototype HR system was deployed, with training, to HR team members in over a dozen countries. We ran the system with the team for two years, during which time the system improved and the company  enhanced its ability to articulate its data and visualization needs. In addition, we developed a full set of data entry and visualization tools which served as technical and visual schematics. All of this work made launching the long-term enterprise solution much simpler and cost-effective, because all necessary data had been gathered, organized, cleaned, and deeply understood.