ERP Migrations

Client Question: How do I move mountains of data to my new system and ensure it is clean so I don’t have a mess on my hands with the latest software?  How can I connect various other systems to the ERP to streamline it?

Approach: WP has extensive experience with ERP implementations and proper data hygiene.  We have a team of analysts who leverage code like Python to clean data in less than a day, which would take weeks to do by hand.  Our analysts can also connect different systems to the ERP and do customer reporting to guarantee you get the most out of your new software.

Cloud Storage and Data Query

Client Question: How do we store large sets of data in the cloud and what tools can we use to do that?

Approach: WP has extensive experience working with cloud data storage tools like AWS to store large sets of data. WP integrates tools directly with the cloud storage for straightforward collection, monitoring, and extraction of data. The example shows a data query from PGadmin, which is pulling data from AWS.

Custom Forms

Client Question: How can we gather business data from contacts inside or outside of our organization?

Approach: Webster Pacific creates a custom web portal that can be used to gather data from contacts and stores the information in a database. This portal allows for employees and vendors to log-in and add/edit information which is then relayed to the client.

Assessment Dashboarding

Client Question: How can we measure our students’ learning progress?

Approach: WP helps schools build dashboarding systems so that teachers can track individual student’s progress, and so that school leadership can track grade and school-wide academic progress. We train all teachers and leadership on how to use the systems and provide supporting documentation.