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This report is compiled by strategy consultancy Webster Pacific (www.websterpacific.com) using their proprietary analytics to map High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) at the neighborhood level.  Total Dubai HNWI counts provided by intelligence firm New World Wealth (www.newworldwealth.com). HNWI are defined as individuals with wealth[1] of US$1 million or more, of which Dubai has 67,900 as of June 2022.

Research and Findings

Webster Pacific used proprietary analytics to make estimates the HNWI population of Dubai, geospatially.  See heat map below.  Additionally, estimates of the count of HNWI by residential area (similar to neighborhood) are shown in the table on page 3 of this report.

  • The top 5 residential areas with the highest count of HNWIs were 1) Jumeirah First, 2) Al Barsha, 3) Jumeirah, 4) Arabian Ranches, and 5) Al Thanyah. Detailed residential area borders on page 4.
  • Of the 67,900 HNWIs in Dubai, 35% are in Jumeirah First, Al Barsha, and Jumeirah.
  • Jumeirah is distinguished by its upscale, suburban feel and its proximity to both the gulf and downtown Dubai.
  • Al Barsha is ideal for wealthy families due to the abundance of schools such as GEMS Dubai American Academy and King’s School Al Barsha, along with access to elevated shopping at Galleria Mall Al Barsha.
  • Arabian Ranches and Al Thanyah offer more secluded communities with a multitude of world-renowned golf clubs and equestrian facilities.

[1] “Wealth” refers to the net assets of a person, including property, cash, equities, business interests, less liabilities.